Welcome to Kapolei Middle School!


Dear Kapolei Middle School Parents and Community,

I am honored in being selected as the new principal of Kapolei Middle School. I am very excited to be a part of Kapolei Middle School’s commitment to excellence. Kapolei Middle has developed a strong reputation in the educational community and I look forward to working with everyone to create a school environment that fosters high student learning and achievement.

I have been a school administrator for over twenty years, serving as principal in both the elementary and secondary levels. It is my responsibility as principal, to ensure that your child receives a quality education within a safe, respectful school environment. I am a firm believer in the home/school connection and would like to work with you to enhance the educational experiences of our students.

There have been many experiences and initiatives that have helped to shape my views and understanding of a successful school. As I begin my new journey at Kapolei Middle School, my goal is to help make learning personal for each member of our school community. To accomplish this goal, I will initially focus on three areas. First, I will strive to be a collaborative leader, seeking the participation of all stakeholders in developing a comprehensive school improvement plan. We are fortunate to have a knowledgeable and committed school staff, and would like to afford students and parents the opportunity to join in our school improvement efforts. Secondly, I will also work with the school staff to ensure that we provide our students with a rigorous curriculum, based on strong instructional and assessment practices. Thirdly, I would like to personalize our school environment by creating a positive school climate that meets the needs of all students.

I would also like to take this time to honor Ms. Annette Nishikawa and Ms. Dana Kobashigawa for their dedication and service to Kapolei Middle School. Under Ms. Nishikawa’s and Ms. Kobashigawa’s leadership, Kapolei Middle School has grown to become an exemplary school, a school everyone can be proud of. Thank you, Ms. Nishikawa and Ms. Kobashigawa.

Mr. Bruce Naguwa
Kapolei Middle School

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